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Graduate Admission Essay – A Vital Role in Graduate Admission Process

The importance of writing a good graduate admission essay can’t be underestimated. After finishing four years of college, most people feel that they have reached the zenith of their dreams and are ready to set off into the world to make a living. A good percentage of these college graduates, however, choose to further their education and go to graduate schools. There are some who feel that there are still a lot that they need and want to learn about their field of study, others are so inspired by their professors that they hear the calling of becoming a professor as well. It is for these reasons that graduate studies are a good option. Graduate studies or degrees can either be a master’s degree, a PhD or a doctoral degree, or an MBA.

To go into graduate studies, most graduate schools require a Bachelor’s degree (for Doctorate programs, a Master’s degree is required). Applicants are required to submit an official transcript from their university. Depending on the graduate program one wishes to pursue, there are certain tests one needs to take (ex. GMAT for graduate courses in Management, LSAT for law schools, and GRE for graduate courses other than Management). Some schools have set minimums for academic and test scores below which applicants are readily not accepted. One also needs to specify one’s relevant work experience hence, a detailed resume is important. Most graduate schools have their own letter of recommendation form while others have their own set of questions that need to be answered. An interview is of course a common requirement; and last but not least, a graduate school admission essay or statement of purpose (SoP) or letter of intent should be submitted by the applicant.

The grad school admission essay plays a very vital role in the graduate admission process. It is an essay that focuses on the applicant’s career goal, his so-called program of action for achieving these goals, and his current endeavors in the realization of that goal. It is normally 2 to 3 pages long. The graduate admission essay is very crucial especially in doctoral programs in which it can sometimes be the lone factor for admission. It is so critical that 4 to 5 admission officers read an essay and it is then deliberated upon. This essay is the one item in the graduate admission requirements that the applicant has direct control over. It is the applicant’s one shining moment in the spotlight and so needless to say, one must do and show his absolute best before that moment passes by. The main point of the essay is not why the applicant wants to go into that graduate school but why that graduate school should want that applicant.

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