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Writing Nursing Admission Essay to Become a Dedicated Health Care Worker

The nursing admission essay is a 500-word essay that an admission officer will spend only two minutes to read. Therefore, one should find the best words to stand out within those two minutes.

Health Care and Health Reform has always been a controversial issue. The US is the one nation in the world who spends the most money per person on health care and yet it is also projected to have a shortage on health care workers or a nursing shortage. By the year 2020, it has been projected that the US nursing shortage will reach one million. This shortage is so alarming that the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is pooling resources with legislators and the media to address this shortage. Indeed despite the downturn in the economy and the job cuts occurring in all sectors of the economy, the health care sector is unaffected. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has disclosed that 613,000 jobs in the health care sector have been added despite the present recession. To meet this demand, nursing schools should be able to graduate 90% more nurses. So if one is mulling over the possibility of studying to become a nurse, now is the right time to do so.

Those wishing to enroll in a nursing program will find out that the nursing program has its own specific set of prerequisites like high school diploma; satisfactory completion of subjects like calculus, biology, chemistry, and algebra; an overall high school average or GPA of 2.0. One is also required to take the Nursing Entrance Exam and to submit a nursing admission essay.

There are several nursing degrees to choose from, all depending on the area of specialization one wants to focus on. One can choose to study about acute care nursing, infectious disease nursing, oncology nursing, geriatric nursing, pediatric nursing, neonatal nursing, generic or basic nursing, to name a few. Depending on the specialization one chooses, one could then find the best nursing school offering that program.

Working in the health care sector requires a lot of interpersonal skills as one is required to coordinate with doctors and specialists, and to communicate with patients on a daily basis. It is the purpose of the nursing school admission essay to tell the committee that the applicant possesses the necessary interpersonal skills and qualities to become a dedicated health care worker in the future. Simple acts and deeds of compassion and caring should also be expressed in the essay.

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